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  • About Nepal
    General Information About Nepal

    Located between two Asian giants, China and India, Nepal traditionally has been characterized as 'a yam caught between two rocks'.
    The country is famous for the majestic Himalayas and astonishing geographic beauty that includes pristine forests, crystal clear lakes, towering peaks and ancient valley cities.

    Geographical Location

    Nepal is a landlocked country situated in South Asia, between China in North and India in South.

    Area 147,181 sq km.
    Boundary 2,926 km.
    Land Arable: 17%
    Irrigated: 8,500 sq sm.

    National Information

    Nepal Country Code +977
    Internet Domain .np
    National Flower Rhododendron
    national Bird Danphe, Monal, Pheasant, Lophophorus, ImSpeyanus
    National Colour Crimson-red (Simrik)

    Climate In Nepal

    Cool summers and severe winters in north to sub-tropical summers and mild winters in south.

    Time GMT + 5 hours 45 minutes.

    Population In Nepal

    Total 24,546,861 (2003 Census)
    Growth Rate 2.24%
    Structure Male : 115,63,921
    Female : 115,87,502

    Life Expectancy

    Male 58.84 yrs
    Female 57.35 yrs


    Hindu 80.62%
    Budhist 10.74%
    Muslim 4.20%
    Others 4.44%

    Political Information

    Though Nepal has witnessed great political instabilities in the recent past, the country has a strong base of Multi Party Democracy.

    Govt Form: Multi Party Democracy.
    Head of State: President
    Head of Government: Prime Minister

    Combined Legislative House of Representative 601 National Assembly members.
    Judiciary Supreme Court, Appellate Court: 11, District court: 75
    Administrative Division Development region: 5, Zone: 14, District: 75

    Capital City

    Kathmandu (KTM)

    Places to Visit in Nepal

    Interesting Places to Visit in NepalKathmandu;
    Kathmandu, the capital and the largest city of Nepal, derives its name from Kasthmandap or "house of wood" a pagoda-style temple. A few steps away is the Temple of the Living Goddess, where the clients may catch a glimpse of the Kumari at one of the open windows overlooking the inner courtyard. All around the splendour of historical monuments is the hustle & bustle of the market place. Vegetable vendors, trees of flutes, salesmen with their wares displayed on their person, souvenir hawkers, street shop selling imported goods and tucked away in a quiet corner the glittering bead market for custom made bead necklaces.
    Interesting Places to Visit in NepalPatan is also known as Lalitpur or the "city of fine arts" and is the oldest city in the valley. This Buddhist City is said to have been founded by Emperor Ashoka in the 3rd century BC. Patan is the cradle of arts and architecture of the valley, a great center both of the Newari Buddhist religion and of traditional arts & crafts with 136 bahals or courtyards and 55 major temples. Well known among these are the Krishna Mandir, Hiranya Varna Mahavihar, Kumbheshwar temple, Jagatnarayan temple & the Mahabouddha temple. Patan is enclosed within 4 Buddhist stupas set on the four-corners of the outer boundaries of this ancient city. A tour of Patan would also include a visit to the Tibetan refugee village to witness the hand weaving of Tibetan carpets using age-old methods of dyeing and finishing. Three or four persons at each loom weaving traditional designs, chatting & singing can also be seen here.
    Interesting Places to Visit in NepalBhaktapur;
    Bhaktapur or Bhadgaon meaning the "city of devotees" lies 14 km east of Kathmandu. It is the home of medieval art & architecture and still retains its rich medieval aroma. A city of farmers, Bhaktapur is also known for it's pottery and weaving. Bhaktapur is the most charming and the best preserved of the valley?s three cities. The intricately carved temples, alleyways and timeless atmosphere of this place is simply intriguing. The major sightseeing places in Bhaktapur include Durbar Square, the Golden Gate, Palace of 55 windows, Bell of the barking dogs, Nyatapole Temple, Bhairavanath Temple, Dattatrya Temple, Pujari Math etc;
    Interesting Places to Visit in NepalBoudhanath;
    The stupa of Bodhanath lies 8 km east of Kathmandu. It is the biggest Stupa in Nepal and is located on flat land and encircled by houses & monasteries, where Rinpoches reside. This colossal Stupa is set on concentric ascending terraces in the powerful pattern of a Mandala. Around the base of this strikingly enormous and simple stupa is a ring of 108 images of the Buddha and 147 insets containing prayer wheels.

    Economy Of Nepal

    Nepal is a developing country. The major industries in Nepal are tourism, handicraft, agriculture and water resources.
    GDP Composition Agriculture: 40%, Industry: 22%, Services: 37%
    GDP Real Growth Rate 4.9% (2000-2001)
    Average Inflation Rate 2.1% (2000-2001)
    Per Capita Income $ 240 (Rs 17,718) for (2000-2001), $236 (Rs 18,083) estimate for(2001-2002)

    Labour Force
    Agriculture 81%
    Industry 3%
    Service 11%
    Other 5%.